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Flashback Friday: Katie Holmes hails a cab with Suri Cruise

Aug 12, 2023Aug 12, 2023

Earlier this week Katie Holmes, was spotted in New York City on a walk during this hot summer in the United States. She was top-free, which showed off her toned physique in a black sports bra, green joggers, and Adidas trainers with light green translucent sunglasses and delicate necklaces. The 44-year-old actress has not really been known for showing skin, and the photo brought back memories of a viral cashmere bra moment she had in 2019 while hailing a cab with a then 13-year-old Suri Cruise. Check out the photos below and learn more about the iconic moment in Holmes history.

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Back in August, 2019, The Dawson’s Creek star had a day together in NYC, enjoying beverages and a stroll. But when it came time to leave, it was time to hail a cab.

As Katie raised her arm, her cashmere bra and sweater set delicately fell off her shoulder. The photos went viral, with people going wild over her bra. Despite being a famous mother-daughter duo, they continued to raise their hand to try and call and cab.

Katie later talked about the viral moment, telling InStyle she decided to buy the outfit because she “wasn’t feeling so sexy” at the time. “I saw that and was like, ‘Sexy. I can do that!’ I thought it would be good if I was in a cabin sitting by the fire and wore the [matching] sweater over it.”

Although she wasn’t at a cabin and was instead shopping with Cruise, she said, “I still thought I could pull it off, though. I had noticed other people wearing bras with blazers.” The sweater was positioned perfectly because she said she didn’t “want to get into trouble” with her “teenager,” Suri. “We were school shopping, and I was just trying to hail a cab on Sixth Avenue,” she said, laughing. “It looked way more glamorous than it was.”

Finally, they had success, hailing a vacant cab to take them to their next destination. The cab driver was likely surprised and excited to take the celebrity mom home.

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