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10 Office Sweaters & Accessories to Combat Women’s Winter

Jun 29, 2023Jun 29, 2023

Or scarf. Or Blanket. Or…mittens? We’re getting desperate.

As I type this message, I sit hunched over my laptop, swaddled in J.Crew cashmere, shoulders clenched, teeth on the verge of chattering. It’s currently 90 degrees and sunny in New York, a state of weather I can see—but not feel—through the large window next to me. Welcome to Women’s Winter, a plight instigated by frigid air conditioners in office buildings all across the country.

It would be one thing to merely dress for a sub 60-degree cubicle, but that would be too easy. Unfortunately, we sandwich the work day with the swampland of New York subway terminals (or whatever toasty mode of transportation gets you to your place of work). Therefore, the simplest solution lies in some form of warm clothing waiting for you in the office, be that a sweater, a scarf, a blanket, slippers, socks, even a hat and mittens—at this point, we’re getting desperate. To help you all combat this troubling predicament, we’ve aggregated sartorial warming devices below. A bonus: they’re actually chic. Stay safe (and stylish) out there, folks!

Channel the British countryside in your shivering with a classic, affordable breton stripe from Long Wharf Supply Co.

For an office sweater you’ll keep for eternity, opt for this classic cardigan in a neutral hue from gender neutral, size inclusive brand Extreme Cashmere.

Lauren Manoogian knows a thing or two about comfort and, by proxy, warmth. Wrap yourself in this delicious scarf—just make sure you don’t doze off before 5 p.m.

We guarantee you’ll be the chicest cold girl in the office kitchen courtesy of this Marni fluffy striped cardigan.

If you want to get really indulgent, opt for the knit of all knits: The Row’s “Original” sweater. Everything looks good with The Row, right?

Why not buy a Burberry check scarf to keep at your desk? It would really dress up that sad swivel chair, don’t you think?

If you’re just a *little* too cold, grab the cropped “Cameron” cardigan from Sister Katie—though we’re currently obsessed with all of their knits.

We love this Lisa Yang cardigan. Thanks to the intricate clasp detailing, it’s almost a jacket; it just feels like a sweater.

We often look to Matches’ in-house line Raey for simple yet modern oversized silhouettes, and this sweater is no different. You can stuff any blouse in those baggy sleeves.

Polo Ralph Lauren’s American flag sweater is quite a classic choice for your office sweater. This one you’ll snag on Friday for your weekend out East.

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