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Top Colors for Your Fall Wardrobe

Jul 23, 2023Jul 23, 2023

The word “trend” is a tricky one for me. I love fashion but am increasingly concerned with our mass consumption of it. In the current fast fashion environment, garments are overproduced and disposed of like napkins at a BBQ. Trends only last a few weeks, touted by celebrities on social media for a quick buck and then, poof. They’re gone.

So how do I reconcile my desire for beautiful things and creative expression with my concern for the environment? It’s difficult but not impossible. I’ve found that resisting the urge to engage in micro trends requires my adhering to a few basic rules – which already exist for many women. The first one is just don’t go there. If it’s a shop that churns and burns cheap clothing, avoid it altogether. Take me into an H&M and I’m like a kid in candy shop. Drooling over the bows, the colors, the new silhouettes! Too dangerous. I can’t be trusted. The second rule is to limit myself to 1-2 trends a year. If I’m being honest with myself, 90 percent of trends don’t even look good on me. So, picking a pair of shoes or a sweater that is slightly trendy can scratch the itch and seamlessly blend with my existing classics. Which brings me to my third rule – buy classics. What I mean is purchase from brands that are known for quality, construction and classic silhouettes. These can often be found secondhand in great condition as well. The last and most cutthroat rule is to ask myself, “will anyone buy this at my estate sale?” Yes, it’s slightly morbid but never fails to pull me out from under my heart pumping creative adrenaline and gives me a moment to reflect on the actual quality and design of the product. On my frequent estate sale visits, I routinely notice that the only remaining garments in the closet are the fine, well-constructed leathers, fur, velvets and silk.

A great way to remain “a la mode,” without breaking the bank or doing excessive environmental harm, is to choose a trending color and purchase one or two items in said color. The fall 2023 runways were loaded with romantic reds, chartreuse, creamy nudes and orange blends. So, why not invest in a quality sweater or handbag in one of these colors? Em’s Boutique in Metairie has plenty of cute new options in green tones and pops of tangerine. The designer vintage shop Century Girl delivers with plenty of romantic reds and secondhand stores like Swap have you covered with chartreuse. As they say in fashion, “what goes around, comes around.” So, let’s try and keep it as circular as possible!

Left to Right Blooming Daisy Dress, West London BoutiqueMarni Knit Dress, Pilot/PowellMarni Ombre Dress, Pilot/PowellMara Hoffman Dress, Pilot/PowellTracy Reese Cut Out Dress, Anthropologie

Left to Right Dade Dress, Pilot/PowellEmotional Essence Top, Pied NuCult Gaia Dress, RevolveSimon Miller Dress, ShopbopOscar De La Renta Top, UALIgor Vest, Ballin’s Ltd

Left to Right LouLou Studio Sweater, Weinstein’sVegan Leather Skirt, Saks Fifth AvenueLela Rose Strapless Dress, Saks Fifth AvenueTibi Jogger and Tee, Pilot/PowellAcne Studios Mini Skirt, Saks Fifth Avenue,

Left to Right Cream Faux Leather Dress, Your Life StyledNorma Kamali Dress, Saks Fifth AvenueOscar De La Renta Dress, Saks Fifth AvenueTwo Piece Set, Pilot/PowellOscar De La Renta Grid Dress, Saks Fifth Avenue

Thursday, Aug. 24, & Friday, Aug. 25: Peter Cohen Trunk Show, Weinstein’s

Thursday, Aug. 24, at 6 p.m.: Food & Book Reception, Garden District Book Shop

Through the 26th: Mother of the Bride Dress Event, Ballin’s (Dante Street)

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