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Princess Diana, Carrie Bradshaw Clothing For Sale At 'Fashion Icons' Auction

Jul 20, 2023Jul 20, 2023

Iconic clothing and accessories worn by the likes of Princess Diana, Madonna and Carrie Bradshaw are headed for auction.

Sotheby’s Auction House in New York has unveiled 10 lots in its Fashion Icons auction, beginning on August 31, 2023.

Two of the most famous—and most expensive—items on the list belonged to the late, great Princess Diana.

The first is her iconic ‘Sheep Jumper’, which Diana wore to Prince Charles’ polo match in 1981.

The jumper also comes with two letters written to the makers of the jumper, Warm and Wonderful, explaining the jumper was damaged and asking if it could be repaired or replaced.

Princess Diana's jumper is expected to sell for up to $124,000.

The red woollen knit features rows of white sheep, with a singular black sheep on the front. It is currently estimated to sell between $50k-$80k USD (approx. $77k-$124k AUD).

The auction also includes an evening gown worn by Princess Diana, designed by British designer Murray Arbeid. The classic black and white strapless dress was worn twice by Diana in 1985: first to Prince Edward’s 21st birthday party (the Midsummer Night’s Ball) and again to the Mansion House for the Worshipful Company of Fan Makers Banquet.

Princess Diana's Murray Arbeid gown.

The bodice is form fitting black velvet, blossoming into white taffeta past the hips. For the Midsummer Night’s Ball, Diana accessorised the dress with a fan and her favourite pearl and sapphire choker, which she also wore to the 1996 Met Gala and with her iconic “revenge dress”.

Here’s the full list of items in the Fashion Icons auction.

Princess Diana's sheep jumper

Worn by Princess Diana in 1981 and designed by Warm and Wonderful.

Estimate: $50k-$80k USD

Worn by Princess Diana in 1985. Designed by Murray Arbeid.

Estimate: $80k-$120k USD

The famous "I put a bird on my head" accessory is in the Fashion Icons auction.

Worn by Sarah Jessica Park as her character, Carrie Bradshaw, in the Sex And The City movie (2008) and And Just Like That season two, episode one. The headpiece was worn with her Vivienne Westwood bridal gown.

The vintage headpiece features a taxidermy bird and dates back to the 1800s.

Estimate: $40k-$70k USD

The dress was the first vintage piece worn by the FLOTUS to an official occasion.

This vintage 1950s silk organza dress was design by Norman Norell, and later worn by First Lady Michelle Obama to the 2010 Christmas in Washington musical benefit for the Children's National Medical Centre.

Estimate: $30k-$60k USD

Worn by Madonna on the cover of Vanity Fair’s Icons Issue in 2023. The vintage veil, made from Brussels lace, dates back to the 1910s.

Estimate: $10k-$30k USD

Kate Winslet's 1998 Oscars gown is up for auction.

The emerald green gown was designed by Alexander McQueen when he was chief designer for Givenchy. It was worn by Winslet to the 1998 Oscars, the year she was nominated for Best Actress for her role in Titanic.

Estimate: $30k-$60k USD

Golden Age film star Lauren Bacall had a number of vintage Hermès bags.

The four vintage Hermès bags are from the personal collection of actress and style icon Lauren Bacall.

There are two leather Kelly bags (one white, one red), Fauve Barenia and Toile Haut à Courroies Birkin (the most expensive of the lot), and an ecru toile bucket bag, each to be auctioned separately.

Estimates: Ranging between $1k-12k USD

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