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40 Genius Things That Make You Look Better And Save You Time & Money

Jun 01, 2023Jun 01, 2023


Amazon shoppers can’t gatekeep these products anymore.

Efficiency is great. Who likes wasting time or resources, after all? That said, being as efficient as possible often requires having the right tools at your disposal — especially when it comes to your style and self-care routines.

In recent years, I’ve made it my personal mission to look my best with as little effort as possible, and Amazon has become my go-to for the tools I need to make that happen. Think of how much more efficient you could be if you could remove your makeup using only water, do your own gel manicures at home, and get gorgeous curls while you sleep. These are the genius things that make you look better while saving you both time and money.

You can tell just by looking at it that this isn’t your average detangling brush — and according to reviewers, its unique design makes it “better than [the] wet brush.” The flexible comb teeth remove knots on both wet and dry hair, while the large vents allow hot air to flow through for faster blow drying. Get it in purple, black, or pink, all made from lightweight, anti-static material.

Tired of your shoes getting crushed and dented during storage or travel? These shoe trees have been called a “must-have” for those who want to protect their shoe collection. They adjust to fit most sizes and styles, so the durable plastic can preserve the shape of your loafers, sneakers, or flats.

Unlike other options, these shoe-cleaning wipes actually have one side with texture built into them. That way, they more effectively scrub away dirt and stains while you’re on the go, but the other side is smooth. The formula works on all types of materials — from rubber and synthetic mesh to canvas and leather — and the individually-wrapped packages make them easy to stash in your gym bag, briefcase, or glove compartment.

If you’re sick of those sticky lint rollers that don’t pick up much of anything and require constantly buying new ones, you’re not alone. Luckily, according to reviewers, this lint remover brush is “much better.” Its boar bristles are gentle enough for use on suede and cashmere sweaters, but effective when it comes to getting rid of lint, fuzz, dust, and pet hair. The beech wood handle is also durable, comfortable to hold, and luxurious.

Even though they cost significantly less than the competition, these teeth-whitening pens are a best-seller with almost 40,000 reviews on Amazon. The gel formula is designed to brighten your smile without sensitivity or damage to your enamel, while the brush dispenser aims to provide easy, mess-free application. “This really does work! I was a bit skeptical,” one reviewer wrote, “but to my pleasant surprise it worked just as they said it would!”

Made with a mix of waxes, this hair stick travels well and is easy to apply when you need instant texture and control or just to tame those tiny hairs that never want to lay flat. It’s great for short hair, slicked-back styles, and flawless ponytails and buns without frizz or flyaways. Since it has a musky lavender scent with notes of cedar, reviewers also wrote that it “smells amazing.”

According to reviewers, the Revlon volumizing brush is “the easiest” hot tool they’ve ever used and makes your hair look like you “just walked out of [the] hair salon every day.” Its round barrel smooths and volumizes, while its stay-cool silicone bristles grab the hair so all you have to do is brush. It also has two heat settings that reach up to 430 degrees Fahrenheit in less than 30 seconds for fast, easy styling. And this style has a narrow, 1-inch barrel that’s a lot slimmer than the cult-favorite One Step, making it great for short or thin hair.

Why does this electronic foot file have an overall 4.5-star rating from more than 45,000 reviewers? “My ultimate solution for achieving baby-smooth feet effortlessly,” one reviewer wrote, while another raved, “Much cheaper than a pedicure and so easy to use.” Since it’s waterproof and rechargeable for up to three hours of cordless use, you can take it just about anywhere — and it has two speeds and three interchangeable roller heads for various intensity levels.

Reviewers are “amazed” by how well this Grandma’s Secret wrinkle remover spray works. Making it great if you hate ironing, travel often, don’t have a washer and dryer, or don’t feel like pulling out the steamer. Its fabric-safe formula gently stretches the edges of your garments, smoothing away wrinkles and leaving them fresh with just a few sprays. Get it in various bottle sizes and value packs.

Being able to safely toss your fancy undergarments and good bras in with the rest of your laundry is a game-changer — which is probably why over 40,000 reviewers have awarded these mesh laundry bags an average 4.7-star overall rating. They protect your delicates from snagging or tangling in the wash, which prolongs the life of your lace, satins, silks, and underwire. It also makes them easy to pull out of the wash in one sweep if you want to air dry them. Since the bags are made from durable nylon with rust-resistant zippers, reviewers wrote that they’re still going strong years later.

These anti-static keychains are one of those things that reviewers “didn’t know [they] needed” until they got them. The steel-and-copper construction redirects the electricity to the keychain (rather than your hand) so you don’t get shocked every time you touch knobs, car doors, thermostats, and treadmills and they help to reduce static on your clothes, too. The light inside will even flash so you know it’s working.

Whether they use it on their hand-knitted projects or their best wool blankets and cashmere shawls, reviewers have called this KnitIQ no-rinse detergent a “must-have” that’ll save you “a fortune on dry cleaning.” The lanolin-enhanced formula removes grime while preserving the natural fibers, so the item stays soft and fluffy without the need for washing. A little also goes a long way, and the lavender-citrus scent is “lovely,” according to one reviewer.

These SweetSpot Labs exfoliating pads are designed to leave skin smooth and bright after hair removal. While most buyers use them on their bikini area or underarms to brighten dark spots, soothe razor burn, and minimize ingrown hairs, others say they’re also effective when used on the face: “Great for waxing acne!” one wrote. Since each jar comes with 50 pre-moistened pads, they’re also mess-free and easy to apply.

“Took my eyeliner game to the next level,” wrote one reviewer who has “always struggled” when it came to getting their eyeliner right. Another buyer with hooded eyes (which can “sometimes be tricky” when doing a cat-eye) said that these “worked perfectly” and are “now a staple” in their makeup routine. Just position the eyeliner stencil on the correct eye, apply your makeup, and peel off the medical-grade adhesive for up to three reuses.

For an “extra pouty look,” this Vafee lip plumper set is “by far” the best reviewers have tried. The Minty formula is for use overnight to smooth and soften, while the tingly Ginger formula has a glossy, plumping effect for daytime application. Both contain vitamin E and collagen and aim to boost circulation, resulting in fuller lips.

Reviewers have called this satin scarf “versatile,” “absolutely gorgeous,” and “perfect for travel.” Its oversized design means you can use it as a wrap alongside an evening dress, a cover-up at the beach, and a shawl for lightweight layering. Some have even turned it into a skirt or a top. It comes in over 30 different pattern options, so you can find one that suits your wardrobe.

A best-seller in hair rollers, this Kitsch satin curling set is designed to give you voluminous curls while you sleep — without any heat whatsoever. Wrap your hair around the soft band and secure the bottoms like braids using the satin scrunchies. According to reviewers, you’ll wake up with “gorgeous curls that hold,” even if your hair is naturally frizzy or stubbornly straight. It’s also surprisingly comfortable to sleep in, according to past buyers.

Moisturizers are designed to hydrate and nourish the skin — but it’s difficult to find one that plays well with your makeup. Since Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré doubles as both a face cream and a primer, it “deeply nourishes the skin and provides moisture for daily skincare,” but it also “works excellently as a makeup primer, creating a smooth canvas for flawless application,” one reviewer wrote. Even though it’s made with nourishing ingredients like beeswax, shea butter, and aloe, it doesn’t feel greasy or heavy.

Clean your wool clothing at home, in under 20 minutes, with no shrinking, stretching, or fading. This bag-free Woolite dry cleaner kit comes with blotting cloths to remove stains and cleaning cloths that can be placed in the dryer with up to five garments of similar colors. From there, you just run the dryer on medium heat for 20 minutes, and your wool clothes will come out wrinkle-free and smelling fresh. Reviewers have also used them on cashmere, camel hair, silk, and vintage clothes.

Until I found the Makeup Eraser, I was at an impasse: Gentle cleansers didn’t fully wash away my foundation and eyeliner, but my skin was too sensitive for harsher makeup-removing formulas. Fortunately, the hair-like fibers activate using just water, so this cloth removes all traces of makeup without irritating your skin. It’s also washable and reusable for up to five years, so it’s way more eco-friendly and cost-effective than single-use wipes.

If your nails have seen better days, this NailTek nail recovery kit is “worth every single penny,” wrote one reviewer whose nails are “1,000 times better” after a week of use. It comes with three different formulas to aid in intensive repair: a ridge filler to smooth uneven surfaces, a protein formula that fuses the layers together for strength, and a cuticle oil that nourishes and conditions the skin around the nail.

These lightweight hair towels are made from soft, absorbent microfiber. As a result, they’re gentler than cotton to reduce frizz and they soak up excess moisture fast to cut down on drying time. They come in a pack of three different colors for a great price, all with an elastic loop and a button so they won’t slip off while you’re going about your routine.

Achieve a crisp, freshly-ironed look without the excess stiffness. This Niagara ironing spray starch can be used on all washable fabrics, and according to reviewers, it “works like a dream” when it comes to getting out stubborn wrinkles and helping clothes to look crisp and professional. It also has virtually no smell and doesn’t leave behind a residue.

Secure collars, hold a strapless top in place, create impromptu hems, close gaps between buttons, and stop straps from slipping off your shoulders. Linda's Essentials fabric tape is double-sided, works without the need for an iron, and is made with a hypoallergenic adhesive that won’t damage clothes or irritate sensitive skin. Each order includes 75 strips in a cute, travel-friendly tin.

When it comes to this Color Wow Dream Coat Supernatural spray, the accolades just keep building up. It’s won multiple awards (including Allure’s Best of Beauty) and it’s a best-seller on Amazon with more than 60,000 reviews. Basically, its humidity-proof, heat-activated formula acts like a raincoat for your hair, so moisture simply rolls off and frizz stays away for days — all while remaining exceptionally lightweight. “I have thin hair and it didn’t leave it looking greasy at all,” one reviewer wrote.

These makeup sponges save you time and money in a few different ways: For one, they cost less than $2 each, which is significantly more affordable than competing options. For another, their spongey texture helps you apply and blend your makeup into an airbrushed-like finish with less effort and while using less product. Finally, their pointed edges can also be used for applying under-eye concealer and shadow, taking the place of multiple tools.

“Where have you been all my life?” one reviewer asked about this papaya enzyme face cleanser. Its powder formula is activated with water, after which it uses papaya enzymes to brighten and exfoliate, Hawaiian Noni fruit to nourish with fatty acids and antioxidants, and aloe vera to hydrate. Even those with especially sensitive skin wrote that it “removes makeup [and] exfoliates but never [dries] or irritates” their complexion.

“These have replaced my expensive professional lash extensions,” one reviewer wrote, while a real lash tech raved, “These look and feel a lot like a $200 set of lash extensions.” Since the false eyelashes themselves are made from vegan, high-quality fibers, they’re non-irritating and comfortable to wear, according to reviewers. The 144-piece set also includes bond, seal, and stainless steel tweezers for easy placement, and each application lasts for several days.

“I have oily skin so nothing ever helps my makeup stay put,” one reviewer wrote, but Elizabeth Mott Thank Me Later setting spray is “Literally amazing! Very fine spray mist and it seriously holds my makeup in place perfectly ALL day.” Even though it’s designed to feel virtually weightless, it still creates a matte finish that prevents smudges, creasing, fading, and transferring. It’s also cruelty-free and skips the parabens.

For the price of a single gel manicure, you can get an entire at-home gel polish kit with practically everything you need to do them yourself — for years. The set includes a base coat, two top coats (matte and shiny), a UV LED lamp, multiple color options, cuticle oil, and tools for application and nail cleaning. Reviewers were “surprised at the amazing quality” and wrote that their manicure looked “perfect for over a week.”

Jumpsuits are a brilliant wardrobe option when you want to look put together with minimal effort. Just throw it on, pair it with a bag and some shoes, and you’re good to go. This one-shoulder jumpsuit has an especially elevated look due to its wide legs, ruched waist, and asymmetrical neckline with double-layer straps. Still, its rayon-linen blend is super breathable, while its elastic bodice and built-in pockets offer comfort and practicality.

This backlit vanity mirror has racked up thousands of reviews from customers who use it both at home and while on the go. Its 36 LEDs light up the center panel to illuminate your beauty routine in dark bathrooms or hotel rooms, and since you can power it both via USB or batteries, you can take it virtually anywhere with you. It also has fold-out panels with various magnifications for precise grooming and makeup application, and the base has a tray to hold any essentials.

Even the best eyeshadows have a tendency to crease and smear after several hours. Fortunately, the Elizabeth Mott Thank Me Later primer is specifically designed to act as a weightless, matte base for your eye makeup. Cruelty-free ingredients (like pearl powder) not only prevent oily lids and creasing to lock your look into place all day, but also enhance the pigments in your shadow for a bolder, brighter look.

Chunky shoes have returned, and these vintage platform mules are a great way to incorporate the trend into a range of outfits. Their faux-leather upper and gold chain are professional enough for work, but their lug outsole is edgy enough for more casual outfits (like jeans and plaid skirts). They also slip on with ease due to their backless design, cushion your feet with their thick insole, and feel secure due to a lightweight, slip-resistant outsole — all for about $30.

Boldify hairline powder locks onto your follicles to offer smooth, full coverage that lasts up to 48 hours or until your next shampoo. It’s designed to stay put despite wind, sweat, and rain, and it comes in over a dozen shades to match your hair. Some reviewers also use it to create the illusion of more hair or to fill in grays in their beards.

I’ve spent way too much time, effort, and money shopping for specific bras that suit specific tricky outfits. For me, adhesive bras were the solution, and Nippies pasties are one of the most popular options on the market. The tapered silicone (in four skin tone options) blends into the skin for invisible coverage, while the adhesive is long-lasting and resistant to sweat, but also gentle, washable, and reusable. “I can finally get away without a bra!” raved one reviewer who called them “an absolute MUST.”

A best-seller with over 34,000 reviews, these gold eye masks are a beauty-routine addition that reviewers “can’t live without.” Just open one of the individually-wrapped packages, apply the gold masks to your under eyes, and allow the hydrating, soothing formula to brighten dark circles and minimize puffiness. You can even keep them in the fridge for a cooling effect. “I love using the product after not having a good night's rest,” one reviewer wrote. “It’s an easy 20 minutes to fix dark circles under your eyes.”

“I tried everything to get out the yellowing in my white duvet cover,” one reviewer wrote, but “nothing worked except this.” Just add a drop or two of Mrs. Stewart's concentrated liquid bluing into your wash, and the blue pigmentation counteracts the yellowing that often occurs with white clothes, sheets, and linens. Reviewers have even used it on their shoes, trusting its non-toxic, biodegradable formula to make their whites extra-vibrant and fresh.

If you have platinum, gray, or blonde hair, tons of things can cause unwanted brassy discoloration (including the sun, chlorine, time, and washing with the wrong shampoos). PURA D'OR is already a fan-favorite brand due to its paraben, sulfate-free formulas with great ingredients — and this purple shampoo and conditioner set is no exception. It’s specifically designed to maintain bleached, gray, or platinum color-treated hair due to its purple tones and protective ingredients like bamboo fiber, argan oil, and keratin.

Whereas micro needling appointments can cost hundreds of dollars each, this derma roller costs less than $15 — and after incorporating it into their regular beauty routine, reviewers say their “skin has improved so much.” Nearly 200 stainless steel needles on the roller’s head invisibly puncture the skin’s surface, causing a rush of collagen to the site. The intended result? Plumper, smoother skin, increased healing, and improved absorption of your skin care products over time.

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